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I make plays and musical, sometimes well known, sometimes from scratch, and always in a way that makes artists excited and audiences engaged.

Below are a few of my past shows. For my directing resume click HERE.



By Paula Vogel

American Stage, October, 2023

"the production at American Stage is stellar in every aspect...laurels should land at the feet of director Helen R. Murray, using Paula Vogel’s wondrous words as a springboard.  She and her cast, musicians, and crew have mounted a one-of-a-kind theatrical piece."


Hurricane Diane

By Madeleine George

Aurora Fox, April, 2022

"There's appropriate hurricane force in this new Aurora Fox production lovingly directed by Helen R. Murray" - Onstage Colorado

L to R. Shannan Steele. Janae Burris. Karen Slack_edited.jpg

For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday

By Sarah Ruhl

Aurora Fox, Closed March 2020 before Opening Night Due to Covid

"The show was one of my favorites that I have ever seen at the Fox. I wish others could have seen it" - Preview Audience Member

For Peter Pan. L to R. B McBride J Wishnia PC Gail Marie Bransteitter.jpg

Miss You Like Hell

Book and Lyrics: Quiara Alegría Hudes
Music and Lyrics: Erin McKeown

Aurora Fox, October 2019

"As directed by Helen R. Murray, it’s a crisp, fine-tuned production that features a remarkable cast and kicks at the heartstrings" - Onstage Colorado

Miss You Like Hell. A Robinson G. Hinshaw and Ensemble.jpg

The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs

By Carole Fréchette

Spooky Action Theatre, May 2018

"a beautifully-crafted production which helps us confront a question as old as the one presented by the snake in the Garden of Eden" - DC Theatre Scene


Leto Legend

By Kristen LePine

The Hub Theatre, June 2015

"director Helen Murray’s playful, amusing crisis  is ferociously acted and reliably smart and wraps up with a satisfying rush." - The Washington Post



By César Alvarez and The Lisps

Aurora Fox, October, 2022

"Under Helen R. Murray’s sage direction the production at the Aurora Fox Arts Center is a deeply felt wonder that speaks to this current moment" - The Denver Post


Wonderland, Alice's Rock & Roll Adventure

Book by Rachel Rockwell. Music by Michael Mahler. Lyrics by Michael Mahler and Rachel Rockwell

Aurora Fox, May 2022

"Fantastic...Despite source material over 150 years old, [Murray] makes it a story for the now" - The Sentinal


Secrets of the Universe and other songs

By Marc Acito

Aurora Fox, February 2020

"visually and thematically rich, Secrets of the Universe manages to be both challenging – and fun" - Onstage Colorado

Secrets. Favorite. L to R. Jordan Leigh. Mary Louise Lee. Andrew Fischer.jpg

Songs for a New World

Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Aurora Fox, September 2018

"I’ve seen Songs for a New World before and liked it, I’ve never known it to flow as beautifully as it does here, with moments of pure transcendence" - Denver Westword


carried away on the crest of a wave

By David Yee

The Hub Theatre, October 2016

"as directed by Helen Murray at The Hub Theatre, this is a profoundly haunting meditation on the connectedness of all living things" - DC Theatre Arts

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